Frequently Asked Questions

College is full of new opportunities and learning experiences. Asking questions is critical! Compiled below are questions and answers submitted by current PEGS students.


  • From an academic perspective, PEGS is a two year program that is integrated into your normal program of study. Each semester, you will enroll in one three-credit course, each of which is treated by KSU’s registration and tuition structures as a regular class. Please refer to the PEGS Experience page for details on the courses that are part of the program.

  • No, PEGS welcomes students from all majors. In fact, the diversity of interests among our students is a key ingredient of the program’s success.
  • In order to remain in good standing with the PEGS program, students must maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA, complete the ten hour service requirement (per semester), and fulfill PEGS program requirements for academic achievement and leadership development. Students with a cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 3.5 GPA will be put on probation with PEGS the program and will follow Honors College requirements to remain in good standing with the Honors Program. Students who do not remain in good standing with the Honors Program or who fall below 3.0 GPA will not be able to attend trips abroad and will forfeit their trip deposit.

  • There are about 25 students accepted into each cohort every fall. 
  • All of the courses in the PEGS program of study are treated just like any other course at KSU. There is no special tuition or associated fees. However, students do contribute towards the cost of their travel experiences; this fosters ownership in the experience. Currently, students should expect the total additional costs of travel to both Costa Rica and Italy to be no more than $1,500. (See below for more information.)
  • Yes, the leadership team provides students with a wide range of opportunities including volunteer projects, social events, study groups, and presentations by community leaders.
  • Not on a weekly basis. There are occasionally events over the summer, especially for incoming first-year PEGS students.

Travel Experiences

  • Yes. During the trips, students have the opportunity to translate their learning into action and develop relationships within the cohort.

  • PEGS students engage in two international trips. Currently, freshmen travel to Costa Rica over the KSU Spring Break period, and sophomores travel to Italy during the Maymester period (between the end of the Spring term and the beginning of the Summer term). For specific dates, please see the KSU Academic Calendar.

  • To minimize the cost of international travel, PEGS students typically receive funding from both the Kennesaw State University's Foundation and the Global Learning Scholarship program. These sources of funding are grants and scholarships, and come with no obligations for repayment. After these sources of funding, PEGS students contribute approximately 1/4 of the total cost to travel. Students should expect the total additional costs of travel for the eight-day trip to Costa Rica and the twelve-day trip to Italy to be no more than a total of $1,500 (if funding levels remain consistent).
  • During each trip, students will be given opportunities to participate in a number of activities including hands-on service, meeting with political leaders and professors from other countries, collaborating with international students, and visiting some of the key organizations and firms in that particular country. Students will be able to see how the lessons and themes from the classroom are applied in another country.


  • As members of PEGS and the Honors College, our students receive priority registration to ensure program requirements fit into their schedules.

  • Through partnership with KSU's University College, matriculating PEGS students take an upper division course called Foundations of Leadership (LDRS 3000).

  • Preparing students to create competitive and compelling scholarship, graduate school, or internship applications is the focus of this exciting course offered exclusively to PEGS students. Participants benefit from one-on-one guidance in their pursuit of exceptional academic opportunities from their first semester on campus until their last. 

    PEGS students have received a variety of national and international scholarships, including:
    • Fulbright United Kingdom Summer Institute
    • Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
    • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
    • Rotary Scholarship to the University of Oslo, Norway.
    • Prestigious internships at institutions such as the Carter Center, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Pentagon.


  • First-year, full time students accepted into the Honors College can apply to PEGS. Generally, the students admitted to PEGS will have exceptional academic records, typically indicated by a very high class rank or a high school academic GPA exceeding 3.7, as well as a record of extracurricular engagement, evidenced by activities such as, but not limited to, student leadership positions, community service, or after-school employment. PEGS students must have a high school diploma.

  • The PEGS program accepts students on a rolling admissions basis. For the 2019 academic year, the application deadline for full consideration is February 28th, 2018. To be eligible for advanced registration, your application packet (online application, resume, and letter of recommendation) must be received by that date. Upon a competitive review of complete applications, finalists will be invited to campus for personal interviews.