Documents and Forms

Options for Earning Upper-Division Honors Credit

Honors students may choose from a variety of ways to earn upper-division honors credit related to their majors.  Each option requires the submission of a proposal form appropriate for the type of course or experience.

  • Contract forms should be submitted at the beginning of the semester in which the contract work will be completed.
  • Internship and applied learning forms should be submitted before the project begins.
  • Research assistance, teaching assistance, and directed studies forms should be submitted at least two weeks before the start of the semester in which the contracts will be fulfilled.

*Several of the forms below require a signature which should be scanned and submitted to the Honors College. Free mobile scanning apps are available at no cost. A few options can be found here. 

    • Students may collaborate directly with an instructor to turn a regular course into an Honors Learning Experience.
    • Students can customize a project to further their understanding of the Foundations of Honors Learning.
    • Workshops are available through the Honors College to equip students with the skills and tools to develop, pursue, and fulfill meaningful Honors contracts.

    Contract Proposal Form

    • Students learn in an applied setting. They take classroom learning even further by focusing on one of the Foundations of Honors Learning through a special project during an applied internship experience.

    Internship Proposal Form

    • An applied learning experience is a less formal way than an internship to acquire hands-on experience related to your major.  Some common types of applied learning include volunteering, shadowing a professional, and tutoring (in each case, the experience should be related to your major in a substantial way).

      Applied Learning Proposal Form
    • Students develop teaching and leadership skills and document evidence of their Honors learning while working as a Teaching Assistant with one of their professors.

      Teaching Assistant Proposal Form
    • Students develop a special course of study that is directed by a faculty member. They learn project management skills while activating deep learning in an area of study.

      Directed Study Instructions
  • The links shown below take you to Capstone Proposal form and the Capstone Proposal Progress Report.

    The Capstone Proposal Progress Report should be submitted at the below links at the initial check point, the midterm checkpoint, and the final checkpoint. 

  • The Honors Capstone Completion Progress Report can be found at the link below.

    The Capstone Completion Progress Report should be submitted at the below links at the initial check point, the midterm checkpoint, and the final checkpoint.


  • Support is available for presentation of Honors projects at professional conferences.