Great Books Program Benefits

  • As participants in a structured first-year cohort, our Great Books students take small Honors sections of four core classes which are required by all students at KSU. 
  • As a Great Books student participating in a Learning Community, you will be exempted from the first-year seminar (KSU 1101). 
  • The books used in these Great Books classes are not the typical "textbooks" that are so commonly used in many other classrooms. These classes are taught using "Great Books" - books which are foundational to our global civilization and which have successfully withstood the test of time. In other words, no expensive textbooks! 
  • Like other Honors Program students, as a Great Books student, you will have priority registration. This is a key advantage in getting the classes you need to graduate on time.
  • The Great Books experience culminates in an exclusive study abroad program in Montepulciano, Italy the summer following your freshman year. Study abroad scholarships designated for Great Books students are available!
  • Great Books students have the opportunity to be mentored to pursue national and international scholarship opportunities.
  • As with all Honors students, Great Books students enjoy the oppotunity for enriched mentor relationships with KSU faculty, the potential to live in Honors residence halls, to enroll in a variety of Honors courses, and participate in Honors social activities.
  • An example of the typical cohort schedule can be found here.