Honors Capstone

Brooke Doss talks to visitorsThe culminating achievement of all Honors Scholars at KSU is the completion of an honors capstone thesis or applied project.  This capstone allows honors students to explore in depth a topic of question related to their particular passions in their chosen discipline.  Students are guided in this journey through a faculty mentor in their discipline, as well as through the HON 4497 course in the junior year and the HON 4499 course in the senior year.  The honors capstone often becomes the distinguishing factor that sets KSU Honors students apart in job interviews and applications for graduate school.  

HON 4497 Capstone Process

HON 4499 Capstone Process

    • For Capstone forms and form submissions, please click here.
      Support is available for presentation of capstone projects at professional conference: Apply here.
  • The Honors College annually recognizes the top capstone thesis or applied project from each campus with an award at the Honors College Recognition Luncheon each spring.  We share award-winning capstones here as examples of outstanding work.  

  • The following list is provided to help students in the early stages of capstone development to brainstorm for appropriate topics. Select your major here.