Imagine... course readings that consist of Great Books, classics that have been tested and tried over time for their enduring contribution to civilization.

Imagine... an opportunity to take college-level classes that focus upon the greatest, most interesting, most relevant, and most compelling books ever written.

Imagine... an opportunity to take college-level classes in small groups in the most beautiful hilltop town in Montepulciano, Italy.

Great Books Cohort

The Great Books program is a select cohort within the University Honors Program. The cohort is limited to no more than twenty-five (25) students who are chosen by the Great Books Steering Committee. Students must review the expectations below and if interested make formal application by the posted deadline.

KSU Journey Honors College will be hosting a special Open House event exclusively designed to share information about prestigious Honors Cohort Programs. The event will take place on Thursday, November 11th at 6:30pm on the Kennesaw Campus.
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  • Be fully accepted as a traditional first-year student at KSU.
  • Must be accepted into the University Honors Program.
  • Must not have college credit (AP, dual enrollment, etc.) for more than two of the courses below:
    • Composition II (ENGL 1102),
    • World Literature (ENGL 2110, 2111, or 2112),
    • World History (HIST 1100, 1111, or 1112),
    • U.S. History (HIST 2111, or 2112),
    • American Government (POLS 1101), or
    • Art in Society (ART 1107).
  • Review all the criteria and eligibility to participate in the Great Books cohort.
  • Submit a Great Books application by the posted deadline.
  • Must enroll in specified Great Books Honors cohort classes in Fall and Spring semester and study abroad travel with the Great Books cohort to Montepulciano, Italy in Summer term.

University Honors Program requirements of one Honors Learning Experience per semester are reduced for students who complete the Great Books cohort to one per academic year for sophomore, junior and senior years.

Students are responsible for study abroad program costs not covered by KSU's Global Learning Scholarship, available to all students who complete the application. Students in the Great Books cohort with financial need may also apply for the Barry & Sylvia Hyman Endowed International Education Scholarship or Robin Schmidt Shore Endowed Scholarship that are specifically targeted for students planning to participate in the Great Books study abroad experience.