Honors Scholarship Giveaway

KSU Journey Honors College is awarding scholarships to 16 exceptional students for the fall 2020 semester! Students who enter have a chance to win a scholarship in one of the following amounts:

$2000, $1500, or $1000.


  • Apply and receive acceptance as a first-time Kennesaw State University student for the fall 2020 semester

  • Apply and receive acceptance to KSU Journey Honors College

  • Follow @HonorsKSU and @KSU_Admissions on Instagram

Deadline to Apply:
Sunday, July 12th at 11:59pm

Winners Announced on Social Media:
Friday, July 17th





  • KSU Journey Honors College offers a community within the larger university to academically talented, highly motivated students who enjoy lively discussion, creative expression, and intellectual challenge. We offer small Honors sections of core courses and interdisciplinary Honors seminars, where students focus on deep understanding within an innovative curriculum. We also provide opportunities for undergraduate research, domestic and international travel experiences, and community service activities.​

  • Absolutely! Exceptional advantages reserved for Honors students include:

    ✓ Priority registration (with successful completion of Introduction to Honors)
    ✓ Competitive Scholarships (both academic and study abroad scholarships)
    ✓ Honors study abroad opportunities
    ✓ Choice of a variety of Honors learning experience options each semester
    ✓ Unique learning experiences, including special classes and learning opportunities outside of the classroom
    ✓ Honors housing options on both campuses
    ✓ Specialized Honors advising
    ✓ Access to Honors Lounges on both KSU campuses
    ✓ Opportunities to earn Honors graduation designations
    ✓ 8 Foundations of Honors Learning (Leadership, Appreciation of Diverse Perspectives, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Information Fluency, Interdisciplinary Learning, Professionalism)

  • The only required Honors course is Introduction to Honors (HON 1100). Introduction to Honors should be taken during the student's first semester in KSU Journey Honors College, but must be completed during the first academic year admitted to the program to remain in good standing with Honors. After taking this course, students choose the Honors Learning Experiences that interest them most. Honors Learning Experiences range in credit hour and do not add time or cost to degree. You can learn more about the flexible Honors curriculum by clicking here. To stay on track to earn an Honors Designation at graduation, we tell students to complete one Honors Learning Experience each semester.
  • You can view eligibility requirements for different populations by clicking here.
  • Yes, test scores are required for incoming first-year students. Scores should be sent to KSU Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Winners will be chosen by an external committee based on essay response and demonstrated financial need.
  • Yes. If you participated in Dual Enrollment and are entering KSU as a traditional freshman in fall 2020, you are still considered a first-time KSU student.