Frequently Asked Questions

Newly Accepted Honors Students

  • Congratulations on your acceptance! All newly accepted Honors students should attend an Honors Welcome Session to receive priority registration privileges. Click here to see available dates.

  • For the fall 2021 semester, incoming first-year students and dual enrollment students will receive priority registration on May 27th as long as they attend an Honors Welcome Session. These students will continue to receive priority registration with the successful completion of an Introduction to Honors course (HON 1100), which should be taken during their first semester in the program. For example, if a student is admitted for the fall 2021 semester, Introduction to Honors should be taken during the fall 2021 semester. All newly accepted students must successfully complete HON 1100 during their first year in the program. All students must complete an Honors Learning Experience (HLE) each semester to remain in good standing with KSU Journey Honors College and receive the benefit of priority registration. 

  • Current Kennesaw State University students who apply to KSU Journey Honors College may be eligible for priority registration depending upon the date they were accepted to KSU Journey Honors College. Priority registration is not guaranteed for all newly admitted Honors students.

    Students accepted for the spring semester are eligible for priority registration if they do the following:

    • Apply and receive acceptance to KSU Journey Honors College by October 1
    • Meet with an Honors academic advisor within two weeks of their acceptance

    Students accepted for the fall semester are eligible for priority registration if they do the following:

    • Apply and receive acceptance to KSU Journey Honors College by February 1 
    • Meet with an Honors academic advisor within two weeks of their acceptance
  • KSU Journey Honors College offers students a flexible curriculum that does not add time or cost to degree. This approach allows students to choose the Honors Learning Experiences (HLE) that they're interested in, and also the ones that build an exceptional portfolio of academic experiences. There is only one course that all newly admitted Honors students must take: Introduction to Honors (HON 1100). 

    During Introduction to Honors, students are introduced to the flexible curriculum and opportunities available within KSU Journey Honors College. Students will also learn more about the eight Foundations of Honors Learning. 

    Students must take an Introduction to Honors course to retain priority registration privileges.

    Where appropriate, we encourage Honors students to consider taking Honors sections of general education or special topics courses, as these courses offer a much richer educational experience than non-Honors sections.

  • You can apply for all KSU scholarships through KSU's scholarship application. By filling out this application, you are also considered for Honors scholarships. You can view a list of Honors scholarships by clicking here.

Honors Housing

  • The timeline for Honors Housing can be found here. 

  • No, housing cost is based on the configuration and amenities of each dorm.

  • Yes, Honors students are required to live with other Honors students in the Honors Living-Learning Village.
  • Yes, all Housing contracts must be signed for either a 10 or 12-month agreement, based on the selected Living-Learning Village.


Current Honors Students

  • All Honors students are required to meet with an Honors Advisor each semester (fall and spring). Students may do this through an individual appointment or through Honors group advising. We will assist students with choosing the Honors Learning Experience(s) that they're interested in, as well as ones that work with their major.
  • Please schedule an appointment with your Honors Academic Advisor here.
  • To remain in good standing, we ask students to maintain a 3.25 GPA. We also ask students to remain active within Honors by completing one Honors Learning Experience each semester. You can learn more about remaining in good standing with the university by clicking here and in KSU Journey Honors College by clicking here.

    *Students in special Honors cohort programs (PEGS or Great Books) may have different requirements for remaining in good standing.

Prospective Honors Students

  • KSU Journey Honors College offers a community within the larger university to academically talented, highly motivated students who enjoy lively discussion, creative expression, and intellectual challenge. We offer small Honors sections of core courses and interdisciplinary Honors seminars, where students focus on deep understanding within an innovative curriculum. We also provide opportunities for undergraduate research, domestic and international travel experiences, and community service activities.​
  • Absolutely! Exceptional advantages reserved for Honors students include:

    ✓ Priority registration (with successful completion of Introduction to Honors)
    ✓ Competitive Scholarships (both academic and study abroad scholarships)
    ✓ Honors study abroad opportunities
    ✓ Choice of a variety of Honors learning experience options each semester
    ✓ Unique learning experiences, including special classes and learning opportunities outside of the classroom
    ✓ Honors housing options on both campuses
    ✓ Specialized Honors advising
    ✓ Access to Honors Lounges on both KSU campuses
    ✓ Opportunities to earn Honors graduation designations
    ✓ 8 Foundations of Honors Learning (Leadership, Appreciation of Diverse Perspectives, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Information Fluency, Interdisciplinary Learning, Professionalism)

  • KSU Journey Honors College offers a variety of events for prospective students and parents. You can visit us during A Day with Honors or KSU Open House. You are also welcome to contact our office directly to schedule an individual appointment. Please contact or 470-578-2364.
  • No, living in Honors housing is not required. You are welcome to live in any dorm or Living-Learning Community on the Kennesaw or Marietta Campuses or elsewhere in the community at large. Please click here to visit the Housing and Residence Life website, where you can learn more about available university housing options.
  • There is no additional cost to take Honors courses. What primarily distinguishes Honors courses from regular KSU courses is the small class size. Honors courses are typically capped at 25 students. Due to the small class size, these courses are discussion-based and seminar style. 
  • The only required Honors course is Introduction to Honors (HON 1100). Introduction to Honors should be taken during the student's first semester in KSU Journey Honors College, but must be completed during the first academic year admitted to the program to remain in good standing with Honors. After taking this course, students choose the Honors Learning Experiences that interest them most. Honors Learning Experiences range in credit hour and do not add time or cost to degree. You can learn more about the flexible Honors curriculum by clicking here. To stay on track to earn an Honors Designation at graduation, we tell students to complete one Honors Learning Experience each semester. 

  • An Honors Designation is what is earned at Commencement if the student completes their Honors coursework. Honors Designations can be found here. 

    An Honors Advisor will help you decide which designation is best for you. If you have been accepted to KSU Journey Honors College with more than 60 earned credit hours, you are placed automatically in the Honors in the Major track based on your anticipated time to degree. Students pursuing the Honors in the Major track who wish to switch to the Honors Scholar or Honors Research Scholar track may do so with the approval of an Honors Advisor.

  • You can view eligibility requirements for different populations by clicking here. 
  • There is no cost to apply to KSU Journey Honors College. You can find the application by clicking here.