The Honors Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort (AMC) is an elite classical study program that immerses students in paradigmatic works by some of history’s most brilliant authors, philosophers, scientists, musicians, and more. A group of 25 exceptional undergraduates progress together through seminar-style classes framed around some of the most compelling books ever written. The program culminates with a study abroad experience during the summer semester following freshman year. 

The Honors Ancient and Modern Classics program aims to draw avid readers from all disciplines together to study ancient and modern classical literature. 

  1. A classic work poses a fundamental question of the human experience.
  2. A classic work is foundational for the thinking that follows it.
  3. A classic work has withstood the test of time.

Program Benefits

  • Engagement in a cohort model: AMC students will complete courses together over a period of three semesters, forging a community centered on a love of reading and the academic rigor of examining classic texts.
  • Receipt of a first-year scholarship from the KSU Journey Honors College totaling $1,000 to be disbursed over the course of two semesters.
  • The AMC experience culminates in an exclusive study abroad program in Montepulciano, Italy the summer following freshman year. Study abroad scholarships designated for AMC students are available upon receipt of scholarship application.
  • All benefits associated with the KSU Journey Honors College