Capstones by Majors

This list of capstones is provided to assist students who are planning their honors capstone. Full-text of selected capstones are linked to Digital Commons. Capstones available upon request in hard copy from the Honors Office are designated with an asterisk (*) from the Kennesaw campus and with a double asterisk (**) from the Marietta campus. The  † denotes that the major is no longer active.

Some majors from the former SPSU have been discontinued, so look in related majors to find capstones that might apply to you.

    • Original Research Project

      Quelling the Bully Factor: A Look at Contemporary Anti-Bullying Research *
      By Chelsea Ham, Fall 2013

      Teaching to the Test: How Federal Mandates Affect Elementary Educators’ Teaching Styles *
      By Ashley R. Vande Corput,Spring 2012

      Commercialized Schools: What Does This Mean for Our Students?
      By Ashley Brooks, Spring 2009

      Perceptions of Preschool Directors Regarding the Care of Children with Disabilities *
      By Kathy Kennebeck, Spring 2004

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Exploring and integrating Afro-Caribbean folklore and literature into early childhood, elementary, and middle school environments *
      By Kerry-Ann Coote, Summer 2011

      Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technology for Writing, Organization, Memory, and Reading   *
      By Morgan Shapiro, Spring 2011

      Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Varied Learning Styles; Myth or Miracle? *
      By Pennie Lemley, Spring 2006

      Classroom Management: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants *
      By Kara Koski, Spring 2003 

      Service Learning Project

      Globe Trotters: A Healthy Living Project *
      By Holley Sewell, Spring 2012

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Synthesis of Research

      Middle Grades Unit Plan on Southwest History
      By Allie Hahn, Fall 2012


    • Original Research Project

      Earnings Management: Investor Decisions *
      By Davia Alvarado, Summer 2014

      Characteristics of Firms Adopting Enterprise Risk Management Practices 
      By Rachel Harris, Spring 2014

      Original Synthesis of Research

      True Face of American Health Care Reform
      By Walterina Del Cid Seals, Fall 2010

      Proposed Accounting Rules for Loss Contingencies
      By Stephanie Autry, Spring 2009

      Ineffective or Understaffed Audit Committees
      By Jessica Mytrohovich, Spring 2007

      Accounting Standards: The United States, Germany, and International
      By Tomoko Orui, Fall 2004


    • Person-Organization Fit: Insights Gained From Accounting Students **
      By Sanae Syed, Spring 2013

      The Strategic Operation Plan for CASMO **
      By Haoran Zheng, Fall 2012

      An Analysis of State Budget Allocations for 2007-2011 **
      By Brian Ellison, Spring 2012

      Organizational and Management Information Systems Improvement Models, Methods and Standards *
      By Lauren Tyus, Spring 2012

      Personal Values and Value Types of Accounting and Business Students **
      By Yuan Wen, Spring 2012

      First Care Business Strategy Plan----North China Part **
      By Xin Yang, Spring 2012

      A Risky Exchange: A Research Review of Foreign Exchange *
      By Alex Harrison, Fall 2011

      High Housing Prices Influence Consumer Consumption in China **
      By Hao Dou, Spring 2011

      Will the Low Price of Intellectual Property Drive Out the Piracy in China? ----A Research of Piracies in China **
      By Muying Jiang, Spring 2011

      The Future of Foreign Banks in China is Bright **
      By Chenqiao Li, Spring 2011

      Unauthorized Activities of Poorly Managed Sales Representatives will Destroy Amway of China without Finding more Effective Counter-Measures **
      By Kuo Li, Spring 2011

      The Globalization of China's Securities Market Boost the Domestic Economy **
      By Yuanyuan Pan, Spring 2011

      Do Taxes Matter?: The Relationship Between Taxation Policy and Economic Development in the United States **
      By Linna Sun, Spring 2011

      CASMO International Bike Company, L.P. Strategy Plan (2011-2015} **
      By Zhenxin Lei, Fall 2010

      CASMO International Bike Company Business Strategy- Finance Part **
      By Zhiyang Li, Fall 2010

      Marketing and Sales Strategy of CASMO International Bike Company **
      By Yan Liao, Fall 2010

      First Care (China) Electronic Medical Records Software Business Strategy **
      By Xincan Zhang, Spring 2010

      Strategy Plan for Eden Solution in Chinese Market **
      By Yun Yun, Spring 2009

      Eden Solutions Business Strategy Plan----The South China Part **
      By Kun Zhang, Spring 2009

    • Original Research Project

      Millennial's Attitudes, Behaviors, and Knowledge Related to Personal Finances and Investing *
      By Yoana Cervantes, Summer 2016

      A Bubble in Higher Education: Applying Austrian Business Cycle Theory to the Market for Higher Education in the United States *
      By Daniel Pakkala, Summer 2015

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Behavioral Finance and Asset-Pricing Models: The Influence of Investor Behavior on Market Efficiency *
      By Michelle McGee, Summer 2014

      Existing Research into a New Context

      The Relationship Between Gentrification and Property Values: An Empirical Analysis of Atlanta, GA: 1990 – 2001. *
      By Anthony Muhia, December 2003

    • Other

      Ultrasonic Data Steganography *
      By Alexander Edwards, Spring 2016
      (This project is a joint creative/applied technical research project.)

      Ultrasonic Data Transmission and Steganography *
      By Hunter Young, Spring 2016
      (This project is a joint creative/applied technical research project.)

      No Classification

      Artificial Intelligent Chabot Research and Design **
      By Lusi Liu, Fall 2011

    • Original Synthesis of Research

      Green IT: Origins, Solutions, and Impacts
      By Andrew Small, Spring 2010

      Awareness of Computer Security Policies *
      By Adesola Ogundele, Fall 2003

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Meal Guide: A Nutrition Management System *
      By Jeremy McDaniel, Summer 2008

    • Service Learning Project

      Honors Senior Capstone Experience: Winshape International *
      By Elijah Williams, Spring 2011
      (For this project, the student developed a curriculum to educate Chick-fil-A leaders on Chinese and Ukranian culture and how to apply Chick-fil-A's S.E.R.V.E model in these contexts.)

      No Classification:

      Advanced Technologies will Improve Food Security While Promoting Sustainable Development **
      By Xi Chen, Spring 2011

    • Original Research Project

      Compare and Contrast the Management Styles of the US and the UK *
      By Lauren Young, Spring 2009

      Does Gender Orientation affect the Career Aspirations and Work/Family Balance Expectations of University Students? *
      By Lindsay Miller, Spring 2002

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Comparison of Management Styles between the United States and Mexico: Is Globalization Leading to Similar Business Practices in the United States and Mexico? *
      By Elizabeth Starzyk, Spring 2006

      Existing Research in a New Context

      An Analysis of the Application of Corporate Social Responsibility in Publicly-Traded versus Privately-Held Companies *
      By Ryan Archer, Spring 2015

      Are Human Resource Departments Being Strategic About Attracting and Retaining Generation Y? *
      By Winnie C. Patta, Summer 2011

      The Drive for Foreign Labor by Businesses in America and Japan: The Differences and Similarities in an Individualistic and Collectivist Culture *
      By Thassia Da Silva, Summer 2007

      Service Learning Project

      Process Development Training for Supervisors and Managers on the policies and procedures for the federal FMLA Leaves of Absence  *
      By Kathy Richardson, Fall 2011 (Title provided by the Honors College)

      Tellus Science Museum Benchmarking Project *
      By Samantha Roberts, Spring 2015

      Rice Bowl Fundraiser *
      By Hunter Carl, Fall 2014

       See also:

      Honors Senior Capstone Experience: Winshape International *
      By Elijah Williams, Spring 2011
      (For this project, the student developed a curriculum to educate Chick-fil-A leaders on Chinese and Ukrainian culture and how to apply Chick-fil-A's S.E.R.V.E model in these contexts.)

    • See also:

      The Green-Eyed Monster: The Ethical Repercussions of the Greenwashing Phenomenon on the American Consumer *
      By Kristina Conant, Spring 2010

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • The Consolidation of the Georgia Institute of Technology's Ivan Allen College **
      By Linda Highsmith, Spring 2012

      Reversing the Architecture of Segregation/ Establishing an Architecture For Urban Wetlands*
      By Tiffany Scott, Spring 2012

      Repurpose: Rapid Deployment Emergency Relief System **
      By Derek Stahl, Spring 2012

      An Open Architecture: The Architecture of Social Agency **
      By Ethan Gray, Spring 2011

      Rethinking on Urban Landfill **
      By Coby Andrews, Spring 2010

      The Freedom of the City: Center for Displaced People and Concordia Plaza **
      By Luis Calvo, Spring 2010

      Dismantling Power **
      By Yvette Lapura, Spring 2010

      Parque de Ia Cultura: bridging the formal and informal city **
      By Maria Carolina Montilla, Spring 2010

      Participatory Democracy **
      By Dustin Willis, Spring 2010

      ECOMESH **
      By Amanda Palasik, Spring 2009

      Chinese Pavilion for International Expo in Atlanta **
      By Tong Tong, Spring 2008

      Learning Symbiotic Design **
      By Leo Felix, Spring 2007

    • Construction Management Thomaston Upson BOE Bus Maintenance Facility **
      By Ying Guo, Spring 2011

      ENSAT Phase II SPLOST 2005 Sandy Creek Nature Center Addition **
      By Adam Martin, Spring 2011

    • Original Creative Work

      Original Photographic Series, Photobook, & Critical Essay
      By Lauren Bishop, Spring 2015

      The Traditional Leather-Bound Book *
      By Asia Matos, Fall 2011

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • Original Research Project

      The Representation and Display of Mississippian Native North American Art in the Post Modern Museum *
      By Ashley Hazel, Spring 2016

    • Original Research Project

       projectMOVE *
      By Sicily Ledford, Spring 2016
      (For this project, Sicily Ledford created  and implemented a four-step model of dance education for K-12 schools. She also distributed suveys to measure the success of the program in regard to the behavior and increased knowledge of students and educators.)

       Original Creative Work 

      Do You Want to Know? *
      By Haley Myers, Spring 2015

      Resilient Rose
      By Emmie Graham Irvin, Spring 2014

    • Original Creative Work 

      Do You Want to Know? *
      By Haley Myers, Spring 2015

    •  Original Creative Work

      Fostering Intercultural Competencies in the Middle School Band Setting: A Proposal for Teaching Hungarian Rondo by Arpad Balazs *
      By Sara Knapp, Spring 2016

    • Original Creative Work

      The Evolution of the French Horn
      By Kristen Arvold, Spring 2016
      (For this project, Kristen Arvold integrated a presentation of the history of the French horn into a performance of various works on the French horn.)

      Behind the Reeds: Preparation for a Recital
      By Shelby Jones, Spring 2016
      (For this project, Shelby Jones organized, prepared, and performed an hour-long recital.)

    • Original Creative Work

      [No Title]
      By RoseAnne Simpson, Spring 2009
      (This project involved conducting interviews with military servicemen and women and producing a script to be performed in front of a live audience.)

      Mythological Resonances within J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings *
      By Paula Bowen, Spring 2006
      (This project involved a literature review and an original stage adaption of The Hobbit.)

      Service Learning Project

      My Beckett Journey *
      By Laura McGrath (nee Solov), Spring 2006
      (This project involved a literature review and directing two short plays.)

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • Generating Customized, Intelligent, and Dynamic Narratives **
      By Yu Feng, Fall 2012

      A Comparison Between the Personality of Role-Playing Game Players and Their Characters **
      By Michael Galyon, Summer 2009


      Original Research Project

      The Average Value of Equation for all Graphs G with n vertices and Equation as n tends to infinity
      By Spencer Reagan, December 2010

      Existing Research in a New Context
      By Bryan Wiltgen, Fall 2007

      A Comparative Study of Presence in Virtual Reality vs. Presence in the Real World *
      By Lynn McKinnon, Spring 2003

      Technology and Security in an Internet-Based E-Commerce Society *
      By Kimberly Bramham, Fall 2001

      Original Synthesis of Research

      An Online Bookstore Using JSP Technology *
      By Jose Hughes, Spring 2005

      Existing Research in a New Context

      ProCSS: A semantic software engineering tool for Compass projects
      By Sage Gerard, Spring 2015

      CSIS Honors Senior Capstone Experience: A Real-Time Study of Java and Ada95
      By Joshua Aldrich, Spring 2004

      Service Learning Project

      The Impact of XML and Java Technologies in
      Automating the Amateur Softball Association’s
      Rule Book *
      By Manish Singh, Fall 2003

       No Classification

      A Comparative Study on Tongue Imaging Segmentation Algorithms Based on HIS and RGB Color Spaces **
      By Ailing Cui, Spring 2014

      A Comparative Study of Fuzzy C-means Algorithm and Self-organizing Map Algorithm Based on RGB and HSV Color Space **
      By Jiayi Mu, Spring 2014

      A Comparative Study on K-means Image Segmentation Algorithm and SVM Algorithm Based on ASV and RGB Color Space **
      By Jingyu Rao, Spring 2014

      Applications of Text Classification Algorithms **
      By Andrew Maslim, Fall 2012

      A summary of Cryptographic Algorithms and the Fifty-Two Card Pick Up Cipher **
      By Gregg Mgbeokwere, Fall 2012

      Market Based Multi-Robot Coordination **
      By Teng Zhao, Fall 2012

      Impact of Term Weighing on Data Classification Based on MEDLINE Date Using the Support Vector Machine **
      By Lei Wang, Spring 2012

      The Optimization of Self-Organizing Map Using the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm **
      By Hassan Ijaz, Fall 2010

      Video Object Tracking Using the Mean Shift Algorithm **
      By Lingxiao Xu, Fall 2010

      Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition under Varying Variations **
      By Taolun Chai, Spring 2010

      The Practicality of Parallel Game Design **
      By Nicholas Mowry, Spring 2010

      Improving Image Segmentation Algorithms with Differential Evolution **
      By Ziwei Ren, Spring 2010

      Postprocessing to Adaboost Face Detection **
      By Guangming, Wang, Spring 2010

      Trust Analysis in Cloud Computing **
      By Zhaoyuan Zhang, Spring 2010

      Bayesian Network Driven Automated Testing Systems for Web Application **
      By Song Tan, Fall 2009

      Security Metrics for Software Systems **
      By Hao Wang, Spring 2009

      Measuring Similarity for Security Vulnerabilities **
      By Linfeng Zhou, Spring 2009

      An Improvement of the K-means Algorithm Using Particle Swarm Optimization **
      By Li Wan, Summer 2008

      Information Security Metrics **
      By Fengwei Zhang, Spring 2008

      Image Smoothing Methods Based on Choquet Fuzzy Integral **
      By Konglin Zhu, Spring 2008

      Image Segmentation on Aurora Data Using K-Means and Expected Maximization Algorithms **
      By Rony Sutiono, Spring 2007


      Supporting User Interaction with  a Database by a Database **
      By Scott Overman, Spring 2009

      A Study in Threads-Based Computing Curriculum **
      By Anastassia Semenova, Spring 2010


      Effective Ul Design to Enhance User Interaction **
      By Duong Ho, Spring 2013

      Art Styles in Video Games **
      By Sean Fine, Summer 2010

    • Original Synthesis of Research

      Adapting or Adopting: How African Americans and Japanese Represent Each Other in Hip Hop *
      By Ariel Greenaway, Spring 2016

    • Original Research Project

      A Community of Candles Burns Brighter: Developing Individual and Communal Identity with the Burning Man Community
      By Addison Hosley, Spring 2014

      Does Acculturation Affect Perceptions of Beauty Among Chinese Women Who are Exchange Students in the United States?
      By Carly Staley, Fall 2010

      Our Sublime Vampires: The Unrepresentable Presented in Literature *
      By Jesse Cole, Spring 2010

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Atlanta: Health Disparities, Community Solutions, and the Labor Limo tm: A Case Study of a Community’s approach to easing Racial Health Disparities among Women in the City of Atlanta *
      By Kelci Ragsdale, Fall 2015

      Interpreting Evidence of Carnivore Predation upon Hominins
      By April Tolley, Spring 2014

      Literature Review of European and American Bog Bodies *
      By Debra Kasson-Jones, Spring 2009

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Replicability in Quartz Lithic Analysis: An Experimental Archaeology Project *
      By Staci Lusk, Summer 2016

      Man or Mountain: Comparing Constructed and Geographic Defenses in Rajasthan, India *
      By Duncan Balinger, Spring 2014

      Consuming Normative Femininity: The Significance of Sandra Bartky’s Fashion-Beauty Complex for Contemporary Beauty Advertising *
      By Mallory Brewer, Spring 2012

      Boundaries: Distinguishing Ethnic Identities of Turkish and Kurdish Immigrants from Turkey in Atlanta, Georgia *
      By Vicki Gloer, Summer 2011

      Original Creative Work

      CUALLI COYOTL: "The Good..." (Issue #1) *
      By Janora Ware, Spring 2012
      (For this project, the student created a graphic novel script about the life of an Aztec boy and cultural transitioning.)

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      The impact of social media on the newsroom 
      By Melissa Butz, Fall 2012

      Out of the Box: An Attitudinal Analysis of The Perception of Homosexual Characters on Television *
      By James Triplett, Spring 2012

      The Green-Eyed Monster: The Ethical Repercussions of the Greenwashing Phenomenon on the American Consumer *
      By Kristina Conant, Spring 2010

      Idioms and Impressions: A Pragmatic and Interdisciplinary Study
      By Carlos Balhana, Spring 2005

      Original Synthesis of Research

      The Ukraine Crisis: A Comparison of Three European Countries’ Responses to an International Crisis *
      By Brooke Doss, Spring 2016

      The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Brave: An Analysis of the Most Recent Disney Films and the Changing Characterization of the Princess Archetype 
      By Jena Stephens, Spring 2013

      Development in Dance: A Critical Analysis of the Use of Public Relations in Nonprofit Organizations *
      By Lauren Banks, Fall 2008

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Strategic plan for social media for Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s American Graduate ATL Program *
      By Bianca Anderson, Summer 2016

      A Content Analysis of Teen Vogue Advertisements Within Years
      2005 and 2015: Analysis of Female Models in Regard to Body Image, Face-ism, and Other Factors in Media’s Portrayal of Young Women Over the Past Decade of Advertising
      By Kim Cox, Summer 2016

      The JJIE Virtual World Journalism Project: Experimenting with Virtual Worlds as an Emerging Journalism Platform
      By Claire Bohrer, Spring 2016

      Math as Text, Rhetoric as Reason: Can the Humanities Save Math Education?
      By Elizabeth Melendez, Spring 2016

      On Homelessness and Face: Advancing Face-Negotiation Research Through Subculture Study *
      By Christopher Campbell, Fall 2009

      Raising Funds and Increasing Membership in Religious Organizations: Analysis of Mercy Ministries of America, Boys Town, The Salvation Army, Jim Jones, and the Branch Davidians Using Fantasy Theme Analysis Methodology *
      By Liza Scales, Fall 2006

      A Revision and Extension of the Grunig Models: New Characteristics for Public Relations
      By Danielle Swanson, Spring 2006

      Service Learning Project

      [No Title]
      By Rebecca Duvall, Fall 2015
      (The student worked alongside the Kennesaw State University Interfraternity Council as a consultant.)


      Does Perception of Media to Do What Is Right Vary by Generation?: Evaluating Confidence in Media Based on Age
      By Holly Deal, Spring 2015 
      (This project involved applying a secondary perspective to existing data.)

    • Original Research Project

      The Application of Cold Cases to the Student Learning Process *
      By Richard Schneider, Summer 2009
      [This project involved a service learning project by developing a threshold assessment for a cold case for the Cobb County Police Department. It also involved original research by writing a paper on how cold cases are taught to students.]

      Existing Research in a New Context

      A Comparison between Student and Police Officer Responses to Embracing Community Policing: A Case Study of the Kennesaw State Police Department
      By Janie Laurie, Fall 2014

      Service Learning Project

      The Application of Cold Cases to the Student Learning Process *
      By Richard Schneider, Summer 2009
      [This project involved a service learning project by developing a threshold assessment for a cold case for the Cobb County Police Department. It also involved original research by writing a paper on how cold cases are taught to students.]

      Sources of Stress and the Impacts on  Local Law Enforcement *
      By Jennifer-michelle Nelson, Spring 2004
      [This project involved  meeting with public administrators and officers regarding police stress and the development of a mini-course for police officers on how to manage stress.]

    • Original Research Project

      Exclusion from the American Ideal of Self: Namelessness, Invisibility, and Identity in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
      By Beth Doriscar, Fall 2015

      Linguistic Constructions of Gamer Identity *
      By Megan Golinski, Spring 2012

      “These Fragments I Have Shored against My Ruins": Biblical Fragmentation in T.S. Eliot’s Works
      By Mallory Harris, Spring 2012

      Pronominal Usage in Spam Emails: A Corpus-Based Study of the Rhetorical Function of Scams and Advertisements *
      By Dhanashree Thorat, Spring 2010

      The Action of Grace in Territory Held by the Devil: Flannery O’Connor and Cormac McCarthy *
      By Scott Singleton, Spring 2009

      When the Reel Rocks: Popular Music in Film Since 1955
      By Sean Zearfoss, Spring 2009

      Choice and Commodification: Adultery and Infidelity in Troilus and Criseyde and Lancelot, The Knight of the Cart *
      By Andrea L. Etheridge, Spring 2000 

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Beyond the Hills: Thomas Wolfe and the Train as a Mobile Symbol
      By Kaitlyn Moyers, Spring 2015

      Stoker of Wilde Flames: A Detailed Analysis of Comparable Contemporaries *
      By Emily Winslette, Spring 2012

      Universal Gender Games: The Rise and Demise of Horror’s Feminized Female Protagonists *
      By Chris Obenschain, Spring 2007

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Math as Text, Rhetoric as Reason: Can the Humanities Save Math Education? 
      By Elizabeth Melendez, Spring 2016

      Hearing Nature’s Voice: Ecofeminist Partnership Theory in Literature and Film *
      By Kathleen Osborne, Fall 2014

      Representation and Correction: The Heroic 19th Century Slave and the 20th Century Response *
      By Dyan Nunez, Summer 2004

      Enlightened Observations: A Gender Study of late Eighteenth-Century British Travelers in France
      By Patricia Chapman, Spring 2004

      Personal Enrichment and Professional Development of Previous Peer Tutors From the Kennesaw State University Writing Center *
      By Margie Hendrix, Spring 2003

      Original Creative Work

      The JJIE Virtual World Journalism Project: Experimenting with Virtual Worlds as an Emerging Journalism Platform
      By Claire Bohrer, Spring 2016

      [No Title]
      By Katherine Karppala, Spring 2010
      (For this project the student interviewed ten senior citizens, created a photo essay, and composed a poem from each individual's photo.)

      American Psychic *
      By Helen Herbst, Summer 2008

      Time and Space—and how I Found Both *
      By Tabatha Wahlquist, Fall 2007

      With One Eye Squinted
      By Julie Land, Spring 2007

       Service Learning Project

      A Service Learning Capstone Experience
      By Stacie Janecki, Spring 2002

      See also:

      Our Sublime Vampires: The Unrepresentable Presented in Literature *
      By Jesse Cole, Spring 2010, Original Research Project

    • Original Synthesis of Research

      The Catcher in the Rye / Teen Angst Unit Plan Rationale *
      By Floyd Seals, Fall 2008

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Incorporating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Teach Canonical Texts by Shakespeare and Other Dead White Males
      By Rachel Fletcher, Spring 2016

      Guiding through American Literature: Connections Through Each Text *
      By Ashley Sherman (nee Boyd), Fall 2011

      Relatively Gendered: A Study on Bilingualism and the Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis *
      By Kristie Kannaley, Spring 2011


    • Original Research Project

      Spatial Analysis of Cherokee County 2010 EMS Squads Based on Call Response Time and Population Density
      By Annette Fessel, Fall 2012

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      Subversion in the Confederacy: Unionists in Paulding County
      By Sean Griffith, Summer 2015

      A Search for the Answers Within the Unpublished Diary of Ann Eliza Holmes *
      By Suzanne Peters, Spring 2013

      Manipulation of Appearances: The Politics of Dress in the Protraits of Queen ELizabeth I of England, 1569-1603 *
      By Tyler Crafton, Spring 2009

      Fables for Our Time: James Thurber in his Social/Historical Context *
      By Diane Curtis, Spring 2007

      “Humbled Under the Flails of God”: Contemporary Theological Interpretations of the Black Death
      By Jamie Kiley, Spring 2007

      “Whatever Happens To Us, Happens To Us Together”:  The History of the Canton Cotton Mills *
      By Michael Wagner, Spring 2007

      Where Do You Stand when a House Is Not Your Home?: Finding a Place for Gypsies in the European Union
      By Amanda McGrew, Fall 2003

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Henry V and the grand ‘enterprise’ of England *
      By Lindsay Williams, Fall 2014

      Overcoming Supple Cato: Cato the Younger’s Transformation Throughout History *
      By Lindsey Cobb, Summer 2014

      Mythology in the Present
      By Shavon Austin, Fall 2013

      Territory and Sovereignty: The Connections and Conflicts Arising from Indigenous Land Rights and Self Determination *
      By Jonathan Edman, Spring 2009

       Existing Research in a New Context

      Bias and Humanitarianism In Africa: A Case Study in Chlid Soldiers *
      By Jaime daCosta, Fall 2008

    •  Original Research Project

      Interview Project
      By Thomas Lyon, Spring 2010

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Understanding the Value of Authentic Assessments: Traditional Verses Alternative  *
      By Jessica Manning (nee Carr), Spring 2009

    • Original Research Project

      Elements of Change: Steps to US Intervention in Genocide
      By JoAnne Carter (nee Rosenburg), Fall 2006

      Original Synthesis of Research

      The Birth and Death of European Jewish Dialects
      By Elizabeth Jabaley, Summer 2005 

      Existing Research in a New Context

      The Effects of National Culture on Workplace Culture
      By Elizabeth Sorby, Fall 2015

      Marx, Rousseau, and the Political Economy of Alienation *
      By Plamen Mavrov, Spring 2014

      Evolution of Political Culture in Venezuela: The Acceptance of Compromise in Democracy *
      By Jorge A. Abudei, Fall 2009

      Eminent Domain: An Examination of Kelo v. City of New London and Legislative action as a result of Kelo
      By Holly Piper, Fall 2007

      Paradox found, De Tocqueville long forgotten? A case study analysis explaining women’s political participation *
      By Sarah Terry, Fall 2007

      No Classification

      Green Accounting A Better Economic Measurement for the World **
      By Lingzi Yue, Spring 2011

      Concentration of Wealth:  Pearl Farming as a Real Development Strategy in the Americas **
      By Jason Berman, Spring 2010

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      Constructing a Personal Identity: Examining the influence of society, storytelling, and language on identity construction in post-immigrant women through a review of novels written by Bharati Mukherjee, Lê Thị Diễm Thúy, and Julia Alvarez *
      By Rachel Lopez, Spring 2014

      The Quest for Identity in a Culturally Mixed Utopian Society *
      By Tammy Hauck, Summer 2008

      An Exposé: Barriers to Health Care for Atlanta’s Latino Community *
      By Nancy Delisle-Brown, Spring 2004

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Factors Which Affect the Presentation of “La Guerra Sucia” in Adult Fiction
      By Brittany Duque, Fall 2005

       Existing Research in a New Context

      General Motors and Hitler’s Wehrmacht *
      By Jonathan Henry, Fall 2014

      Regional Identity: France’s Savoie region, Past and Present *
      By William Joshua Millican, Fall 2011

      The Nature of Education and the Education of Nature: Reflections on cross-cultural geography research from a foreign language student *
      By Katherine Elizabeth Bundy, Spring 2010

    •  See also:

      Our Sublime Vampires: The Unrepresentable Presented in Literature *
      By Jesse Cole, Spring 2010

    • Original Research Project

      The Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment: The Application of the Private Search Doctrine and the Conflict Created in the United States Courts of Appeal 
      By Emily Edwards, Summer 2016

      Previewing the 2012 Election: Who will be the Next U.S. President? *
      By Melanie Smith, Fall 2011

      The Future of East Asian Security *
      By Noah Solomon, Spring 2011

      Manipulation of Appearances: The Politics of Dress in the Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I of England, 1569-1603 *
      By Tyler Crafton, Spring 2009

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Does Attitude Matter? The Effects of National Attitudes Toward Women on Women's Economic Rights
      By Carley Cole, Spring 2016

      An Exploration of Alcohol as a Public Health and Policy Problem in Europe *
      By Jeremy Hudak, Spring 2016

      Is the American University System Ready to be Color-Blind?
      By Tracey Houser, Spring 2011

      An Analysis of Democracy as an Institution in Light of Friedrich Nietzsche*
      By Adam Strotman, Spring 2011

      The View: Native-born Americans’ Sentiments about Immigrants
      By Ruth Ekane, Spring 2008

      The Filibuster and Federal Judicial Nominations
      By Jafar Ware, Summer 2007

      Existing Research to a New Context

      E-Verify and Enforcement: The Missing Element in State Mandates *
      By Gillian Griffin, Spring 2014

      Understanding Allan Bloom and The Closing of the American Mind *
      By Chris Jackson, Summer 2012

    • Original Research Project

      Gender Differences in Mate Retention Tactics on Social Media *
      By Christina Moffitt, Spring 2016

      How Does Weight Influence Perceptions of Personality and Attractiveness *
      By Samantha Mitchell, Spring 2016

      An Analysis of Male vs. Female Juror’s Attitudes and Decision-making in a Rape Case: The Influence of Legal Definitions and Rape Myth Beliefs *
      By Victoria Meier, Fall 2015

      Relational Influences on Bystander Intervention Behavior
      By Cheyanne Sotelo, Fall 2015

      Student Alcohol Consumption: Parental Drinking Problems versus Students in Greek Life *
      By Jessica Dean, Spring 2015

      Sex Differences in Undergraduate Peer Judgments of Stuttering
      By Victoria Sowell, Spring 2015

      The Relationship Between Auditory and Visual Encoders: An EEG Approach to Synchronized Tapping *
      By Kyle Biron, Spring 2015

      Jealousy and Mate Retention *
      By Holly Marecheau, Spring 2015

      Understanding LGB Vulnerability: A Quest for Wholeness
      By Kenda Ruck, Fall 2014

      The Effects of an Expressive Writing Technique on Several Measures of Stress
      By Madison Hanscom, Spring 2014

      “Just Friends”: Perceptions and Influences of Cross-Gender Friendships *
      By Alyssa Varhol, Fall 2013

      Dance Program Facilitates Improvement of Internalization for Children with Special Needs
      By Bria Cantrell, Summer 2013

      Attitudes Toward Monsters
      By Jonathan Gaber, Spring 2012

      Perceptions of Depression in a College Setting
      By Amanda Daniel, Fall 2011

      Empathy and Gaze Fixation: An Eye Tracking and EEG Study
      By Craig Spandau, Fall 2011

      Adult Sexual Promiscuity and Perceptions of Three Dimensions of Parenting Practices *
      By Sarah Winograd, Summer 2011

      Correlation of Motion Extrapolation and Symbolic Numerosity *
      By William Brixius, Spring 2011

      Hispanic Elders, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Services in Cobb County
      By Maria Chung, Spring 2011

      Does Acculturation Affect Perceptions of Beauty Among Chinese Women Who are Exchange Students in the United States?
      By Carly Staley, Fall 2010

      College Students’ Attitudes Toward Religion, Cognitive Complexity, and Attitudes Toward Gay Men and Lesbians *
      By Jessica Hobbs, Spring 2009

      Emotional Intelligence Among Children in a Residential Program in São Paulo
      By Jonathan Hawkins, Fall 2008

      Effects of the Breast Cancer Self-Examination Glove on Tactile Sensitivity: Improving the Breast Self-Examination *
      By Elaine McMahon, Fall 2007

      Effects of Food Stimuli on Arousal in Restrained and Unrestrained Individuals *
      By Jeanine Leary, Summer 2007

      Tanning Predictors, Risk, and Self-Concept of Adults in a Southern Suburban Community *
      By Philip Eberhard, Spring 2007

      Relationship of Family Origin and Body Mass Index
      By Heather Lemoine, Spring 2007

      ADHD in Children: An Investigation of ADHD Prevalence in a Pediatrics Practice
      By Stephanie Pospishil, Spring 2007

      Are Boys And Girls Equal In The Eyes of Chinese Education Majors?
      By Monika Stojek, Spring 2006

      The Effects of Parental Bonding and Personality on Relationship Satisfaction *
      By Laura Mayhew,Fall 2005

      Self—Efficacy and Motherhood: A Comparison of Single and Married Mothers *
      By Marzena Holly, Summer 2005

       Original Synthesis of Research

      Narcissism: Etiology, Past Treatments, and Proposed Use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy *
      By Andrew Gibson, Spring 2009

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Childhood Abuse and Interpersonal Problems: Mediation Analysis of Self-Defeating Beliefs and Alcohol Consumption *
      By Jacob Allen, Fall 2014

      Personality Factors and Whistle-blowing in Undergraduate Cheating Situations
      By Adrienne Achille, Spring 2014

      Social Identity and Religion in Northern Ireland
      By Sarah Paris, Spring 2014

      The Impact of Supplement Instruction on College Retention *
      By Ya-Xuan Bailey Zhang, Fall 2013

      Understanding Success Factors in Traditional and Nontraditional Students *
      By Alonzo Whyte, Summer 2009

      The Effect of Gender and Maternal Depression on Parental Discipline Style: Differences between Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures
      By Cynthia Coulange, Spring 2008

      Media and Personality Effects on Body Satisfaction and Mood
      By Chadni Patel, Spring 2006

      The Impact of Economic Strain on Adolescent Self-Esteem and Subsequent Problem Behavior
      By Maggie R. Hosmer, Fall 2005

      Recognition of Word Lists and Additional Stimuli: A Test of the Distinctiveness Heuristic *
      By Matt Gailliot, Spring 2003

      Service Learning Project

      Black Hair Care & the Microaggressions with it in the Workplace *
      By Krystal Bailey, Spring 2016
      For this project, Krystal Bailey created a 20-minute video and tabling event based on her research on African American hair and how it is perceived in the workplace. 

      Recruiting Camp Counselors for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Summer Camp: A Service Learning Project Reflection *
      By Kaitlyn Thompson, Spring 2015

      Student Empowerment and Philanthropic Action from a Study Abroad Experience
      By Kizmat Tention, Spring 2014
      (This project involved organizing a fundraiser to purchase a refrigerator for a Peruvian nonprofit organization.)

      No Classification

      A Study of the Personality Traits of Greek and Non-Greek Students ** 
      By Jennie Lambert, Spring 2014

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      Aspects of Prescription Drug Abuse Among Ages 18 and Older
      By John A. Mays, Jr., Fall 2007

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Globalization vs. Glocalization: Effects on Today’s Youth
      By Brandi Stargel, Spring 2010

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Ethnic restaurants:  Differences in location and business strategies of Asian and Hispanic entrepreneurs in Cobb County Georgia *
      By Richard Anke, Summer 2002

      Service Learning Project

      [No Title] *
      By Rosalyn-Sue Smith, Summer 2004
      (For this project, the student created a manual of information about Middle Eastern culture and customs, to be distributed to U.S. soliders overseas. Rosalyn also made a board game that incorporates aspects of Middle Eastern culture for the soldiers.)

    • No Classification

      The Impact of Television on the Evolution of the Gay Rights Movement **
      By Shannon Hames, Summer 2014

      Where Lies the Difference: Comparing Chinese and English Business Writings **
      By Yingdongjin Fang, Spring 2014

      How Mass Media Influence Popular Culture: An Analysis of the "Linsanity" Phenomenon **
      By Xingze Dong, Spring 2013

      Graphic Design and Its Principles **
      By Yuan Yuan, Spring 2013

      Arguing for Industry Specific Content Strategy **
      By Nathan Atkins, Fall 2012

      Film Poster Typography Design in the United States and in China **
      By Ruo Ma, Fall 2012

      The Relationship between English Writing and Chinese ESL Students **
      By Yiwen Zhao, Fall 2012

      Fidelity in Adaptation: A Look at Versions of "The Journey to the West" by Wu Cheng En **
      By Dawei Ming, Summer 2012

      How Public Speaking Influences Non-Native Speakers in their Careers **
      By Xiaolei Chen, Spring 2012

      How to Create an Effective Instructional Design **
      By Zheyu Fang, Spring 2012

      The Effect of Social Media on Students' Experiences in American College Classrooms **
      By Chi Li, Spring 2012

      What's the Impact of Social Media on Journalism **
      By Aomei Ma, Spring 2012

      The Application of Instructional Design Models in Public Management **
      By Xin Tong, Spring 2012

      Chinese Culture and American Ethnocentric Assumptions & Ethnorelative Adaptations **
      By Chunlan Xu, Spring 2012

      Branding Strategies of the Coca-Cola Company in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games **
      By Chao Zhang, Spring 2012

      Web-Based Interactive Typography Design **
      By Yexi Zhang, Spring 2012

      How do Chinese and American Web Designers Use Color to Influence Audience in the Context of Color Theories **
      By Xu Zhao, Spring 2012

      Popular Chinese Chatting Software Design - QQ The effect of User Interface Design **
      By Yueying Zhang, Fall 2011

      American Media Are Influencing China- The Effect of International Communication **
      By Juntong Guo, Spring 2011

      Facebook Changes our Faces? --Private vs. Public in the Social Networking Age **
      By Yang Jiao, Spring 2011

      Moving Toward Instructional Design as a Technical Communicator: What is Missing? **
      By Wei Sun, Spring 2011

      How to Design a Professional Page Layout **
      By Jing Lin, Fall 2010

      Color Guidelines for Food Packaging Design **
      By Xiao Xiao Xia, Fall 2010

      Find the "Middle Ground Between Eye Candy and Hardcore Usability" **
      By Yuxin Guo, Spring 2010

      Six Rules to Improve the Graphic Design of the Portfolios for Technical and Professional Communications **
      By Xi Li, Spring 2010

      How does News Reporting Change in New Media Journalism? **
      By Zhuowei Li, Spring 2010

      What Skills Will Future Usability Professionals Need? **
      By Ruidi Tan, Fall 2009

      Discovering Identity Through Portfolios **
      By Twila McConnell, Spring 2009

      How Visual Rhetoric Can Effectively Improve the Design of a Professional Communicator's E-Portfolio **
      By Lina Piao, Spring 2009

      Information Structure of E-Portfolio **
      By Yansha Tao, Spring 2009

      The Benefits of £-Portfolios for Technical and Professional Communicators **
      By Huixue Zhao, Spring 2009

      Guidelines for Creating a Portfolio and Using it for Employment Purposes **
      By Yina Li, Spring 2008

      Visualizing the Process: Developing Professional Portfolios **
      By Qianying Liu, Spring 2008

      Portfolio Design from Inception to Completion:  Research, Experience, and Application **
      By Tianyue Yang, Spring 2008

      Lessons Learned: Developing a Technical and Professional Communication Portfolio **
      By Kathryn Creech, Fall 2006

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      Short Interfering RNA (siRNA) Cargo Delivered via Cell-Penetrating Peptide *
      By Sydney Green, Spring 2016

      Progress in the Synthesis of Piv-Sar-Sar-Sar-OEt
      By Jordan Bauer, Spring 2014

      Various Moiety Fatty Acid Ligands in Human HNF4-α Binding and Folding Assays and Their Activity and Role in Diabetes *
      By Nathan Allen Stokes, Spring 2006

      Synthesis of Conformationally Restrictive Mefloquine Derivatives *
      By Travis Albright, Spring 2002

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Post-translational regulation of NOS by MK2/p38 *
      By Allan Johansen, Fall 2010

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Characterization of two isoforms of MAPKAP Kinase II: Comparing subcellular localization and binding *
      By Emily Rye, Spring 2012

      Molecularly Imprinted Polymers *
      By Richard Newman, Fall 2008

      The Effects of ACTH, Angiotensin II, and Forskolin on P-glycoprotein Production in Adrenocortical Cells *
      By Lyrics Curtis, Summer 2007

      Understanding the Role of Metfomin on the AMPK (AMP-activated Protein Kinase) Pathway
      By Ana West, Fall 2006

    • Original Research Project

      Evolution of the Expression of Sister Genes Lhx2 and Lhx9 *
      By Linda (Charley)  Bouwmans, Spring 2016

      Feeding Location of the Eastern Mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki Preying on Plankton Invertebrates *
      By Kyndal Hammontree, Spring 2016

      Production of an Annotated Plastome and Initial Inquiry into the Nuclear Enzymatic Content of Cuscuta europaea
      By Joshua Henderson, Spring 2016

      Attention Deficits: The Effects of Adderall on the Developing Nervous System
      By Chloé Couvrette, Spring 2015

      Host-Parasite Relationships Between Three Species of Cuscuta on Alfalfa and Arabidopsis
      By Ajeandra Garcia, Spring 2015

      Effects of Urbanization on Darters and Sculpins and Potential Implications for Conservation
      By Kristina Haney, Spring 2015

      Exploring the Role of fliI and fliJ Play in Flagellar Biogenesis in Helicobacter pylori *
      By Rachel Martini, Spring 2015

      Development of Multiplex PCR for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Virulence Factors in the Pathogen Aeromonas hydrophila *
      By Christine Anyango, Spring 2014

      Venom and its Uses in the Medical Field *
      By Candace Lester, Spring 2014

      The Role of JNK in Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity Regulation
      By Katherine Rhoades, Spring 2014

      Quantification of bone development in Mississippi map turtle (Graptemys geographica kohni) hatchlings
      By Andrew Harner, Fall 2011

      Distribution of Spirobranchus giganteus in relation to currents of several scales *
      By Patricia Keszler, Summer 2010

      Aquatic Oxygen Uptake by the Spiny Soft shell Turtle, Apalone spinifera, during increases in temperature
      By Alan Herrera, Spring 2010

      Detection of Chondroitin Lyase Activity in the Bacterium Aeromonas hydrophila *
      By Mariam Ali-Mucheru, Summer 2009

      Factors and the Interrelationship among these Factors Influencing Periphyton Biomass
      By Ryan Stoner, Spring 2006

      Mathematical Modeling of Bacterial Growth in Continuous Culture: Investigation of Changes in Glucose Concentration during the Continuous Culture of Escherichia coli
      By Pejman Farhang-Fallah, Spring 2003

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Difference in Stem Cell Research Between Human Medicine and Veterinary Medicine: A Review of the Literature 
      By Mary Madden, Summer 2016

      Spatial Patterns in Herbivory within Belizean Seagrass Beds as Estimated by Blade Injury, Length, and Width *
      By Adrianna Parson, Spring 2016

      How Do Aquatic Predators Affect Larval Ambystomatid Salamanders In Their Journey to Metamorphosis?  *
      By Jacob Hutton, Fall 2015

      Determining Interactions between the Leucine-Responsive Regulatory Protein and Specific DNA Targets in Pseudomonas aeruginosa *
      By Jillian Thompson, Fall 2015

      Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent and its Effects on Food Availability and Diet Preference of Percina nigrofasciata (the Blackbanded Darter) *
      By Leah Davis, Spring 2015

      The Analysis of Lrp Gene Expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
      By Sussan Kokinda, Spring 2015

      Characterizing the gene expression patterns of Pax-9 splice variants in Polyodon spathula
      By Ansley Stone, Spring 2014

      Performance and Comparison of Normality Tests for Small Samples
      By Kristen Dunn, Spring 2013

      Following Student Gaze Patterns in Physical Science Lectures
      By Danielle Keeble, Summer 2011

      Review of the Differences In Longevity Between Small Breed Canines and Large Breed Canines *
      By Kaylan Stone, Spring 2011

      Foreign Medical Training: A Choice for Today’s Prospective Medical Applicants/Students
      By Nabila Shehu, Fall 2008

      The Unequal International Impacts of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Human Health
      By Christina Hernandez, Spring 2008

      Holistic Approach to Treatment and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in U.S.A. and Southeast Asia
      By Farina Islam, Fall 2007

      Sixth Mass Extinction and the Human Causes
      By Wes Staley, Spring 2007

      The Educational Experience: Perfecting Acquired Knowledge in Laboratories
      By Frank Matcha, Fall 2006

      Existing Research in a New Context

      An Assessment of Imidizolium Based Ionic Liquid Toxicity and Its Effects on Chlorophyll and Root Disruption in Phaseolus vulgaris *
      By  Abdel Sharkasi, Summer 2016

      Mapkap Kinase 2 Regulation by Oxidation *
      By Dione Alethea Duc, Summer 2014

      An Analysis of the Worldwide Seagrass Population Decline
      By Teresa Smith, Fall 2013

      Examining the Role of the Veterinary Community on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) and their Potential Effects on Public Health *
      By Aaron Galton, Spring 2013

      Decibel Exposure in College Students from iPods® *
      By Ramon Alarcon, Spring 2009

      Sustainability: A Course Design and Justification for Kennesaw State University
      By Robert Phillips, Spring 2007

      No Classification

      Over Expression of N-cadherins in the MOCK Cell Line **
      By Ada Chiamaka Enemuo, Spring 2014

      Meta-Analysis  of Biotic and Abiotic Factors that Influence the Home Ranges and Movement Pattern  of Fishes **
      By Cynthia Adeyeye, Fall 2011

      To Determine the Cytoplasmic Protein that Interact with  the LIM Domain of Wilm's Tumor-11nteracting Protein **
      By Khan Kyaw, Fall 2006

    • Existing Research into a New Context

      Anti-HIV activity of zinc based Diphenyldipyrazolylmethane complexes  *
      By Nikky Keer, Spring 2009

      Gunshot Residue Detection Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to Identify Element, Shooting Distance, Elapsed Time and the effect of Handwashing *
      By  Susan Mungai, Fall 2006

      Service Learning Project

      Forendex Database: An Innovative Analytical Tool for the Identification of Controlled Substances *
      By Natalie Thomas, Spring 2015 
      (This capstone project was completed in conjunction with an internship.)

      No Classification

      Antifouling Coating: Cyclization of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s and the Synthesis of Poly((3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)methylsiloxane) *
      By Erin Milner (nee Barthelme), Spring 2002

      Analysis of Small Metabolites Released by Cells in Tissue Culture in Response to Inflammatory Stimuli **
      By Isaiah Gober, Spring 2012

      Forensic Analysis of the Chemical Composition  of Trace Evidence from Fingerprints, Ups, and Other Skin Residues **
      By Joshua Gober, Spring 2012

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      Modeling Scavenging in Food Webs: Effects of Scavenger Position and Specialization on Carrion Stages
      By Daniel Gambrell, Spring 2013

    • Original Research Project

      Total Domination on the Triangular Honeycomb Chessboard
      By Taylor Kindred, Fall 2013

      A Statistical Investigation of the Writing Habits of Three 20th Century British Novelists *
      By Tais Barreto (Siqueira), Spring 2009

      Performance and Comparison of Normality Tests for Small Samples
      By Rebecca Moore (nee Dunn), Spring 2008

      A Study of the Type I and Type II Error Rates of a Test Based on Shannon’s Index of Species Diversity *
      By Kristina Corts, Summer 2006

      Original Synthesis of Research

      On-Time Performance of US Airlines *
      By Saniita FaSenntao, Fall 2015

      Inequalities *
      By Sarah Donovan, Spring 2007

      Visualizing Combinatorial Proofs with Graph Theory
      By Joseph A. Tyson, May 2007

      Existing Research in a New Context

      The Coupon Collector Problem
      By Michael Thomas, Spring 2014

      Total Efficient Dominating Sets in Cayley Graphs
      By Keegan Gary, Spring 2012

      No Classification

      Unimodality and Log Concavity in Permutations **
      By James deGrood, Spring 2012

      Some Topics in the Theory of Partitions **
      By Peng Hu, Spring 2012

      The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives- The Black-Scholes Model and Option Pricing **
      By Kai Yan, Spring 2012

      KdV Equation, MKdV Equation and Their Darboux Transformations **
      By Shuai Zhang, Spring 2012

      Mathematics of Bilbert Spaces in Quantum Mechanics **
      By Michael Bowles, Spring 2011

      Mathematics of Financial Derivatives-Pricing Option **
      By Ying Xiong, Spring 2011

      Bilinear Transformation of Soliton Equations **
      By Kun Hu, Spring 2010

      Dynamical Systems in One Dimension **
      By Jacob Makaya, Fall 2008

      Combinatorial Games and Gomoku **
      By Qian Qian Wang, Spring 2007

      A Non-Mathematical Introduction to Fixed Points of the (n,3)-Josephus Permutations
      By Sarah Breede, Fall 2002

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.

      See also:

      Math as Text, Rhetoric as Reason: Can the Humanities Save Math Education?
      By Elizabeth Melendez, Spring 2016 (English & Professional Communications Major)

    •  No Classification

      Search for  the Rigidity Transition  in Lithium Oxide Silicate Glass Systems Using Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetery (MDSC) **
      By Jennifer Black, December 2010

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • No Classification

      Hydrologic Analysis for the Proposed School of Civil and Construction Engineering Building Site **
      By Christian Maiocco, Spring 2013

    •  No Classification

      Simplified Embedded Parallel Communication Structure **
      By Timothy Thomas, Spring 2007

      Greenhouse Monitoring Stystem Using VHDL and FPGA's: Core Module Design and Simulation **
      By Shari Holness, Spring 2013


      Pervious Concrete Usage on 5.6 Acre Lot-Hydraulic Analysis **
      By Arturo Garcia, Spring 2011

      Selection of Stormwater Drainage Methods for Bridge Replacement of GA State Route 31 Over Withlacoochee River **
      By Katie Bowar, Spring 2010

      Sustainable Design for Service Stations RaceTrac Rebuild **
      By Valerie Thomas, Spring 2010


      Finding, Detecting, and Recognizing a Face Using the Nao Robot **
      By Jonathan Gopel, Spring 2014

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.

      SCOTSMAN Coffee Table Feasibility Study **
      By Jennifer Henry, Spring 2013

      JET 4475 Senior Project Toy Chest Feasibility **
      By Charles Carscallen III, Fall 2012

      Feasibility Study for Scotsman Company Product Line Extension **
      By Thuy Nguyen, Spring 2011

      Feasibility Study for Scotsman Company Product Line Extension **
      By Katelyn Bridges, Fall 2010

      Toy Chest Feasibility Study **
      By Shane Turner, Spring 2010

      Feasibility Study for Scotsman Company Product Line Extension **
      By Jason Fleischmann, Fall 2009

      Scotsman Company Feasibility Study **
      By Anthony Rajan, Summer 2009

      Simulation: A fundamental Tool to Improve Business Needs **
      By Maria Villegas, Spring 2008

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.

      Analysis of Various Suspension and Wheel Components of a 1991 Isuzu Rodeo **
      By Ethan Formey, Spring 2012

      Tire Retread Process Improvement **
      By Zhipeng Wang, Spring 2011

      Machine Design Project **
      By Ruiting Zhao, Spring 2011

      Design Second Generation Ankle Flexibility Tester **
      By Jie Zhou, Spring 2011

      In Depth Material Selection on Design of Automated Parking Gate **
      By John Hancock, Fall 2010

      RTS Cooling Load Calculation And eQUEST Simulation **
      By Ze Yu, Fall 2010

      Design of an Automatic Volleyball Serving Machine and Volleyball Flight Trajectory Analysis **
      By Ryan Howell, Spring 2010

      Design Enhancement of a Powered Ascender **
      By Zachary Hope, Fall 2009

      Design of a Powered Rope Ascender **
      By Taylor Larkin, Summer 2009

      Analysis of the Alpha Stirling Engine **
      By Shibing Liu, Summer 2009

      Beam Loading Simulation and Testing Apparatus **
      By Andrea Moore, Summer 2007


      Development of a Controller for a 3D Inverted Pendulum System **
      By James Bittner, Spring 2014

      Parallel Robotics: An Analysis of Design, Control, and Its Implementation **
      By Luke Isler, Spring 2012

      A Comparison of Serial and Parallel Robots with a Focus on Parallel Manipulator Kinematics **
      By Thomas Munday, Spring 2012

      PID Controllet  Development for a Rotart Piezoelectric Actuated Syringe Pump **
      By Ethan Smith, Spring 2012

      Modeling and Analysis of the First three Links of the Kawasaki ZZ13OL Industrial Robot **
      By Kyle Steele, Spring 2012

      Development of an AC Induction Motor Controller for Positioning **
      |By Blake Neal, Fall 2011

      Development of a Graphical User Interface for a Ball and Plate System Using Matlab and Simulink **
      By Ronald Rodriguez, Spring 2011 

    • Animations and Diagrams in Virology: Their Effects on Student Learning
      By Mary N. Reynolds, Spring 2016

      No Classification

      Build Your Own Car Web Applications **
      By Michael Hallock, Spring 2014

      Layout Design in Fashion Magazines **
      By Shan Cao, Spring 2012

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.

      Cobb County-Marietta Water  Authority Pump Station  Maintenance Optimization Plan **
      By Pranita Saraswatula, Spring 2013


      Cisco Router Network Emulation Using GNS3 **
      By Tianyi Li, Summer 2009


      Atlanta Braves: Mix-Use Project "Innovative Aerial Lift System and Underground Storm Water Detention Facility" Smyrna, GA **
      By Rosa Santillian, Spring 2014

      Mizell Prairie Environmental Education Enhancement Project: Swamp Experience **
      By Marian Alicea, Spring 2013

      Improving the Safety of Clarks Bridge Road "Danger Around the Bend" **
      By Tyler Esson, Spring 2012

      Project of Pedestrian Bridge Design **
      By Sai Jiang, Spring 2011

      Municipal Application of Biological Nutrient Removal for Wastewater Treatment **
      By Matthew Osborn, Spring 2009

      Recreation and Wei/ness Center Expansion Project **
      By Maria Augustina Arri-Mascarenhas, Fall 2008

      Selection of Stormwater Detention & Grit Removal Methods for New SPSU Road **
      By J. Taylor Ingram, Summer 2008

      Achieving Project Sustainability Through LEED Credits **
      By Nathan Griffith, Spring 2008

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • Original research Project

      The Inherit Risk of Injury with Youth Sport Specialization
      By Ashlyn Schwartz, Fall 2014

      Original Synthesis of Research

      The Effectiveness of Resistance Training Versus Aerobic Exercise Training in Controlling Type II Diabetes Mellitus for Adults
      By Jasmine Lakhani, Fall 2014

      The Role of Methylphenidate Hydrochloride in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder *
      By Sera Jones, Fall 2004

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Which Component of Health Related Fitness is Most Predictive of Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy, College Aged Subjects? 
      By Kristin Lauterbach, Spring 2016

      The Association Between Physical Activity on Abdominal Fat Accumulation During Mid-pregnancy and Post-partum 
      By JaBreia James, Spring 2016

      A Rationale for the Induction of an Ice Skating into Kennesaw State Universities’ Elective Activity Course Curriculum
      By Brittney Bottoms, Spring 2004

    • No capstone examples in this major at this time.

    • Original Research Project

      Does Parental Divorce Interfere with Establishing Personal Relationships? 
      By Rachel Alerte, Spring 2014

      Hispanic Elders, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Services in Cobb County
      By Maria Chung, Spring 2011

      Needs and Services of Homeless Children:  Two Exploratory Studies *
      By Patricia Burnside-Eaton, Spring 2002

      Original Synthesis of research

      Resiliency Factors in Children and Adolescents *
      By Ansley McKenney, Fall 2007 

      Existing Research in a New Context

      What is the Relationship Between Spirituality and Recidivism among Incarcerated Adolescents? By Sandra Hayes, Fall 2015

      Has Welfare Reform Improved the Lives of Women? *
      By Lisa Skelly, Summer 2005

    • Original Research Project

      Long-Term Care Options *
      By Diane Keen, Fall 2008
      (This project involved a literature review of available resources in Atlanta that culminated in the design and distribution of an informational brochure).

      Original Synthesis of Research

      Is Folic Acid more or less Effective than Folate in Decreasing Prostate Cancer Risk
      By Megan Becker, Summer 2015??

      Acute Pain Relief: Factors that Affect Nurse Decision Making in Analgesic Administration *
      By Douglas Cox, Fall 2009

      Effectively administering pain management to post-operative patients: Nursing perspectives and influences
      By Kerrie Beyer, Spring 2008

      Existing Research in a New Context

      Physiological Manifestations and Self-Perceptions of Stress in Undergraduate Nursing Students Performing Clinical Skills *
      By Rachael A. Eister, Summer 2015

      Hand Hygiene Knowledge, Practices, and Beliefs of Kennesaw State University Students
      By Amberly Brooks, Spring 2012

      The Use of Alternative Medicine: Post Chemotherapy Nausea and Vomiting *
      By Emily Hand, Summer 2007

      HIV Research and AIDS Care: A First-Hand Account From a Student Nurse
      By Dennis Flores, Fall 2006
      (This project involved delivering a lecture to students in the Philippines as well as a research component.)

      Service Learning Project

      Stress and Stress Management for Nursing Students
      By Shannon O'Dell, Summer 2016
      For this project, Shannon O'Dell distributed a questionnaire to nursing students about their stress levels to identify areas where students needed to be more informed. She created a space on campus for students to destress and included in there brochures and information about destressing, as well as a rfeedback form on the success of the project.

      Identification and Treatment of Sex Trafficking Victims for Nurses: A Service Learning Project  *
      By Emily Peoples, Fall 2014
      This project involved conducting research on identifying sex-trafficking victims, developing a one-hour lecture that was then delivered to a class of nurse practitioner students and administering a pre-test and post-test to evaluate effectiveness of instruction.

      The Key Issues of Preventable Pediatric Illness and Injury *
      By Megan Middleton, Fall 2011
      For this project, the student coordinated a children's health care fair at Kennesaw State University.

      Capstone Product for Service Learning Project: Health Education and Outreach for Homeless Families and Families at Risk in the Metro Atlanta Area from a Student Nurse *
      By Casilda Pendergrass, Fall 2011
      (This project involved a partnership with Must Ministries to provide health education to homeless families through posters, brochures, and education sessions.

      A Review of a Promotores de Salud Teaching Program *
      By  Courtney Thomas, Summer 2010
      This project involved providing a health screening for Latino and Brazilian community members and then teaching community health workers.

      Navy Corpsmen to Nurse Education Proposal Document 
      By James Hines, Fall 2006
      For this project, the student created a proposal for the Chief of Naval Operations for Navy Corpsman who wish to receive a Nursing Degree from an accredited university. The student conducted a literature review, designed and developed a survey, wrote a proposal and also wrote a reflective narrative.

      Immigrant Outreach: Development and Implementation of Self-Managed, Health-Promoting Behavior Education for Guatemalan-Mayan Immigrants in North Metro Georgia *
      By Alyssa Fuell, Fall 2004
      This project involved conducting a focus group to then identify and develop topics for a lecture series that was then conducted for the Mayan community in North-Metro Atlanta. The student also write a reflective journal throughout the process.

      See Also:

      An Exposé: Barriers to Health Care for Atlanta’s Latino Community *
      By Nancy Delisle-Brown, Spring 2004 (This student is a Modern Language & Culture major).

    •  No capstone examples in this major at this time.
    • Original Research Project

      An Examination of Major League Baseball’s Revenue
      By Thomas Tuten, Fall 2014

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