First-year Honors Students

Beginning your first full semester of college is an exciting transition. The Honors College has designed orientation activities especially for you as Honors students, in partnership with the Ignition Orientation staff. This page outlines the orientation and first-semester Honors experiences for first-year students in the University Honors Program.

  • Honors Ignition Orientation is May 31, 2019. Sign ups will be run through the Orientation department. If you are having trouble with the sign up process, please call 470-578-6219 to speak with the Orientation department. If you have questions about Honors orientation, please contact Honors Academic Program Specialist Kathryn Wilhite at 470-578-4779 or More information coming soon!

  • All students entering KSU with fewer than 15 credit hours must enroll in KSU 1101, the first-year seminar during their first semester. First-year Honors Program students are required to enroll in an Honors section of KSU 1101/H. These small, discussion-based seminars introduce you to KSU's Honors Program and prepare you to be very successful in Honors, at KSU, and beyond through the development of the 8 Foundations of Honors Learning and in the Honors Program.

    Honors students who are exempt from the first-year seminar requirement because they have earned more than 15 credit hours are required to sign up for a non-credit bearing, online experience called the Honors First-Year Discovery. This five-week experience will introduce you to the University Honors Program requirements, share strategies for deepening your learning at KSU, and connect you to the community of Honors learners in KSU's Honors Program. Students with more than 15 credit hours may also choose to sign up for KSU 1101/H instead of completing the Honors First-Year Discovery. 

    Students in both Honors First-Year Experiences are assigned an Honors Peer Mentor. Honors Peer Mentors are current Honors students who have taken the KSU 1101/H course or previously served as a Peer Mentor. They will serve as resources and guides during your first semester in KSU's Honors Program. 

  • First-year University Honors Program students are invited to live among other first-year Honors students to immerse themselves in the Honors community. First-year communities on the first floor of Hornet Village 100 and the Austin Residence Complex 200 building include a dedicated study lounge, special programs and events, and peers who are engaged in similar Honors activities. 

    Visit the Honors Housing page for more information.