Remaining in Good Standing

KSU University Honors Program
Retention, Probation, and Progression Policies

  • In order to remain in good standing in the University Honors Program (UHP), all students must:

    • Demonstrate progress in completing Honors curricular requirements for graduation with desired designation by completing an Honors Learning Experience (HLE) per fall and spring semesters.
    • Schedule and attend an advising meeting/midterm conference with an Honors Program advisor in the fall and spring semesters of each year.
    • Achieve the appropriate Adjusted Grade Point Average (AGPA), as defined here at the end of every semester.

    GPA to Remain in Good Standing
    Eligible: 3.25
    Probation: 3.0-3.24
    Ineligible: Below 3.0

  • Students may be placed on Honors probation for academic reasons or non-participation.

    Academic Probation 

    • A student whose adjusted GPA falls between 3.0-3.24 will be notified that they are on academic probation. 
    • Students on Honors academic probation may remain in the program as long as each successive semester's GPA is 3.25 or higher.
    • Students on Honors academic probation do not lose early registration privileges. 

    Probation for Non-Participation

    • A student who does not complete at least one Honors Learning Experience (HLE) each semester and does not have one banked, will be notified that they are on probation for non participation.
    • A student who does not schedule and attend an advising meeting/midterm conference with an Honors Program advisor for two consecutive semesters will be notified that they are on probation for non participation.
    • A student on probation for non-participation will lose early registration privileges during the probationary semester.
    • In order to regain good standing, students must complete an HLE in the probationary semester. 
    • The missed HLE will need to be made up within two subsequent semesters.
    • Only one non-participation probationary semester is allowed.
    • If a student does not make up the missing HLE within two semesters, they will be ineligible to continue in the Honors Program.
  • A student whose AGPA falls below a 3.0 will be dropped from the University Honors Program without a probationary period but may petition for readmission when the AGPA has reached the required minimum.

    Non-Academic Considerations

    If a student’s academic performance is adversely affected by non-academic problems (illness, accident, etc.) after the Last Day to Withdraw [from classes] without Academic Penalty (see the KSU Schedule of Classes for each term), the student should contact his/her instructor to discuss the possibility of receiving an Incomplete, or if withdrawal is necessary, the student should contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of the University Honors Program regarding options for medical withdrawals from courses. Documented non-academic problems resulting from an emergency will be given consideration for extension of the Honors probationary period.


    Any student who has been removed from the Honors Program may petition for readmission after the requirements for readmission have been met. The Honors Reinstatement Request will include an explanation of circumstances and a list of Honors Learning Experiences the student plans to take each term before graduation in order to graduate with the Honors Designation(s) they are pursuing. 

 PEGS Students

  • In order to remain in good standing with the PEGS program, students must maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA, complete the ten hour service requirement (per semester), and fulfill PEGS program requirements for academic achievement and leadership development. Students with a cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 3.5 GPA will be put on probation with PEGS the program and will follow Honors College requirements to remain in good standing with the Honors program. Students who do not remain in good standing with the Honors program or who fall below 3.0 GPA will not be able to attend trips abroad and will forfeit their trip deposit.