Honors Advising

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KSU Journey Honors College offers one-on-one and groups advising to our students. One-on-one Honors advisement is available in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Honors advisors and faculty work in partnership with Honors students to customize Honors Learning Experiences to align with your interests and future aspirations.

KSU Journey Honors College advisors can offer guidance related to Honors requirements; we do not replace your primary major advisor for tracking your academic advancement. Rather, Honors advisors work in collaboration with your major advisor by helping identify Honors Learning Experiences within your major that capitalize upon developing your skills, exploring your interests, and preparing for your future goals. Participation in Honors advising is mandatory to remain in good standing with the program. Honors students are required to meet with their Honors advisor at least once each semester to ensure they remain on track to complete all Honors requirements.

***The Honors Office (HO) hold is placed on the accounts of currently active members of the University Honors Program to ensure that students meet with an Honors advisor to select the correct Honors courses. The Honors advising hold will be removed after the student has met with an Honors advisor.

Virtual Honors Advising

Because group advising is more prompt and efficient, we recommend it when at all possible. Past experience has shown that the wait-times can be considerable for virtual advising, and so we ask that it be reserved for students who are primarily or exclusively online this semester.