KSU Journey Honors College

Graduate as an Honors Scholar

Undergraduate Honors ProgramAt Kennesaw State, KSU Journey Honors College provides more challenging educational experiences for eligible students eager to broaden themselves intellectually, enhance the critical thinking skills essential to most careers, and join an intimate community of like-minded peers. As part of a unique community within the university, Honors students enjoy the benefits of small Honors sections of core courses, interdisciplinary Honors seminars, community service and leadership activities, undergraduate research, and domestic and international travel—all while receiving special privileges such as priority registration. The program offers a full range of academic pursuits, the majority of which satisfy general education or major requirements.

These include the opportunity to study abroad through the President's Emerging Global Scholars (PEGS) program and Great Books cohort for first-year students or the City as Text course. Whether they are exploring international destinations, discussing a complex issue around a seminar table, working side-by-side with faculty doing original research, or serving the local community, Honors students enjoy unparalleled opportunities for personal growth.